Become a national marketing hub

For the telecom carrier, there is a substantial opportunity to host a digital and traditional media marketing ecosystem.

Unlimited growth opportunities - one flexible technology platform.

Until now, under the programmatic paradigm, telecom carriers could (at best) only play a peripheral role - The hosted Infomo solution totally changes this and provides valuable and significant opportunity in the massive global advertising and marketing arena.
The key element of future success is leveraging your own first-party data. First-party data offers extensive opportunities to take advantage of the changing landscape of regulation, privacy and consumer trends.
We have developed a flexible marketing technology stack that is agile enough to meet your requirements.

National data-driven marketing ecosystem

Become a national branded advertising hub and lead the market with innovative value-add solutions for both publishers and advertisers.

Leverage existing assets

Take advantage of your infrastructure and data assets to offer the market a compelling alternative to legacy digital and traditional advertising practices.

New revenue streams

Host and brand a national offline and online advertising ecosystem providing an alternative to legacy advertising practices and share in the ensuing revenues.
Infomo provides a comprehensive range of full-service advertising solutions tailored to our partner's specific needs.

We provide both turnkey & managed service solutions that optimise advertising campaigns across publishers offline traditional media assets and online digital assets.

Our success over the years comes from a desire to solve persistent problems and coming up with sustainable, yet innovative solutions.

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We understand that no two companies operate alike.
Our professional services team can help you configure a unique and innovative solution.