Grown out of the programmatic false economy?

The Infomo IP enables large publishers to directly interact and engage advertisers in the delivery of customized campaigns in a targeted and transparent environment.

Large publishers with compelling content assets and authenticated audiences understand that data and analysis are useful only when put into action.

With the Infomo platform, your advertisers can easily define campaign direction from advanced insights, define new customer segments at a granular level, and create targeted multi-channel communications that customers value.

Infomo provides advanced DMP/CDP capabilities to supercharge your marketing capabilities

By tapping the full potential of customer data, Infomo empowers digital publishers across all industries with rich customer insights so they can deliver personalized customer experiences that grow engagement and lifetime value.

Reduced ad-tech cost and risk

A highly functional cloud-hosted solution designed specifically for leading publishers that mitigates both costs and risks evident in the disrupted advertising industry.

Automated inventory control

Simplify the management, promotion and sale of inventory to ensure that fill rates and pricing is optimal at all times.

Leverage legacy programmatic assets

Merge your legacy programmatic systems with powerful custom private premium campaigns to ensure maximum inventory performance.

Industry-leading data management platform

Provide advertisers with superior campaign targeting capabilities while accumulating valuable first-party data for further refined campaign targeting.

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