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Infomo Global announces strategic merger with TorcAI

Infomo Global announces strategic merger with TorcAI

Singapore and Mumbai -- 23 November 2021 -- Leading ad-tech companies, Infomo Global Ltd (Infomo) and TorcAI Pvt Ltd (TorcAI) today announced a strategic merger that will counter the growing privacy-related issues that are disrupting the global digital advertising markets.

The merger will facilitate enhanced plug-and-play ad-tech solutions that will assist both sellers and buyers to improve performance across the estimated US$336 billion global digital advertising market. This merger will offer a more efficient and effective end-to-end digital advertising ecosystem that addresses the emerging needs of large publishers, publisher consortiums, telecom carriers, agencies, and brands.

In recent times many governments have introduced new laws to safeguard consumer privacy. This is impacting campaign targeting that underpins the global digital marketing industry currently dominated by Facebook and Google. The emergence of advanced private exchanges and walled gardens will disrupt current practices across both digital display and performance marketing.

New innovative and integrated platforms driven by deep tech Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms will provide media buyers and sellers with multiple options to leverage opportunities exposed by the ongoing market disruption. TorcAI, with its highly sophisticated AI and ML technologies, is an excellent complement to Infomo’s global strategy of providing the leading industry participants with private media exchanges and walled garden solutions that will reduce their global dependence on the legacy ecosystems currently dominated by Facebook and Google.

According to research authority, Magna, the global ad spend in 2020 was US$569 billion, of which traditional media was estimated to be US$233 billion. Unlike the USA, Australia, and several European countries, traditional media ad spend still outweighs digital ad spend. In India, digital advertising is still in its infancy with 2020 data revealing that digital advertising accounted for only 11% of the US$12.2 billion yearly ad spend.

Welcoming the merger, Infomo MD and Group CEO, Anada Rao said: “This is a very exciting and important opportunity for Infomo and the global digital and advertising markets. Publishers and advertisers in today’s world require self-serve automated solutions to buy and sell media. Advertisers need extensive audience reach, known audience targeting, and measurable audience engagement. Publishers need to understand their audience and have control over their monetization potential without being dependent on technical intermediaries. Our partnerships with telecom carriers and leading publishers around the world provide advertisers access to massive known audiences and benefit from our performance marketing capabilities. This merger will allow us to deliver new ecosystems that deliver optimized programmatic display advertising and performance marketing that will drive improved performance and monetisation”.

Speaking about the merger, TorcAI Co-Founder & CEO, Rohit Verma, commented “TorcAI was founded to design and deliver AI/ML-driven platforms to sell and buy all types of digital media through optimized programmatic processes. Our platforms and solutions are scaled and market-tested and have delivered proven results to our clients. Together with Infomo, we can now deliver fully integrated media management ecosystems that make it easy for publishers and advertisers to collaborate to design and run customized multi-channel campaigns. This exciting and transformational merger will create ecosystem platforms that immediately address global market challenges”.

About Infomo
Infomo is the first company in the world to design and deploy plug and play publisher-centric platforms that enable publishers to leverage performance marketing. Infomo provides an innovative web and app advertising ecosystem that harnesses the unique power and reach of telecom operators and large publishers and their significant subscriber communities to deliver engaging, media-rich, and highly targeted premium advertising and promotional content to subscribers during their everyday online activities.

About TorcAI
TorcAI leverages advanced data science & machine learning technologies to rapidly integrate and complement legacy marketing & advertising technology platforms and deliver new levels of performance and monetisation. TorcAI helps stakeholders to build & nurture audience assets by bringing together data & activation channels at the organisational level. Publishers, agencies, and brands can thereby harness the full potential of customer data platforms, ad servers, and CRM systems to realize the full value of their audience assets.

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