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Infomo inks worldwide agreement with KPMG

Infomo inks worldwide agreement with KPMG

Infomo is pleased to announce the signing of a worldwide agreement with KPMG India. This agreement will see Infomo collaborating with KPMG to deploy, support, and manage Infomo R3 Direct Digital Marketing services with leading telcos and publishers around the world.

Under this agreement, Infomo’s and KPMG will target the USD 340 billion digital marketing industry focussing on generating new incremental revenues for telecom carriers and large publishers through innovative digital marketing programs.

The Infomo R3 Direct Digital Marketing service provides a compelling alternative to legacy programmatic techniques. It allows leading publishers, enterprises and telecom carriers to offer advertisers customisable digital marketing services providing a portfolio of performance marketing tools. Also, it provides advertisers and agencies multiple innovative options to customize their advertisements to deliver 360-degree rich media campaigns to attract the attention of targeted users from within a known customer base.

This unique commercial model ensures supply-side stakeholders obtain improved ROI when compared to of legacy programmatic techniques. It provides customisable options to initiate direct user engagements leveraging the combined power of content, known consumer insights, user segment profiles, location, time, and device usage using online and offline channels.

It also provides a unique opportunity to expand direct digital marketing reach to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The platform’s self-service interface allows SMEs to create their own content and reach out to targeted cohorts.

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