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Observations from MMA Conference Jakarta

Observations from MMA Conference Jakarta

With keynote addresses from industry leaders, including Infomo founder Ananda Rao and Infomo Indonesia CEO Noerman Taufik, Infomo Indonesia was formally launched at the MMA Impact Indonesia Build the Future conference in Jakarta on 3 October 2019.

With key industry participants from both the demand-side and the supply-side represented, the conference keynotes and subsequent discussions were both searching and constructive given the challenges that the industry confronts. We observed some clear issues that were raised consistently amongst both speakers and private conversations.

Need to change the existing paradigm

Discussions highlighted the need for an endorsed alternative more-balanced ecosystem to that currently available. This issue has been debated for some time but the industry has yet to find a viable alternative. It was agreed that the current programmatic ecosystem is unbalanced, inefficient, and restrictive. It does not differentiate between the inherent capabilities of mobile or browser and does not adequately reward publishers.

Cost of fraud prevention

For automated demand-supply matching, the programmatic model (or its equivalent) is appropriate but fraud prevention has now become a major issue thus further complicating the already complex matching & delivery processes. To counter this, key platform providers including Facebook and Google are continuously changing mandatory verification standards. As a result, Publishers are obliged to consistently allocate ever-greater budgets simply to ensure compliance.

Mobile app publishers are hurting

Mobile app publishers are not able to fill inventories and are finding it difficult to keep up with evolving changes. They are seeking a simpler low-touch process by which they can source premium quality-assured campaigns that are appropriate to their platform and their particular audience.

Programmatic model driving commoditisation at all levels

Publishers are concerned about the continual commodification of their assets. Likewise, Advertisers (and their agencies) are being forced to utilise a one-size-fits-all model. It was observed that both Publishers and Advertisers are seeking a value-based model with integrated real-time call-to-action capabilities that utilise the inherent capabilities of either the mobile and/or the browser device.

Consumer gratification

The consumer experience is key. With the current programmatic model, inappropriate ads are often repeatedly pushed to consumers often creating a brand aversion. Likewise, ads may be pushed to consumers after they have purchased a product or service often creating a similar brand aversion. Both industry supply-side and demand-side participants are seeking methods by which consumers are engaged and rewarded.

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